Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Farhan 4th Year Birthday

Hmmmm...besday si Farhan (4 years) is just around the corner...what am I going to do??...Last year I baked the spider cupcake since the theme is spider...this year..he is asking about the HANTU..xkan nk buat theme hantu?..makkk...aku pun takottt...therefore...sumthing yg ada hantu in it???..

hhmmm....well...my hand is started to crawl mencari pensel dan kertas...apa yek???..nak buat ni??

Dhaka Oh! Dhaka

My last trip to Dhaka was on 10-15 March 2010 (on business trip). Anyhow, this time during my visit, our co-partner there brought us to see the real view of Bangladesh. I was very delightful with the view, culture and everything about Dhaka.

Hopefully one day, I will be going there for holiday. Here are some picture to share with you guys (of course only selected ones).
 Ni the little Taj Mahal...in Dhaka of course!!

This is pearl in action..chewahhhh....tengok tu..cantik betul mutiara dia.
Kopekkan dia....jeng..jeng..jeng.... 
Now you can see the pearly pearl...walllaaaaa
See....a bowl of pearl...chankkteekkknyer...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Aida's Creation Shop

Aida's Creation Shop akan di buka tidak lama lagi...mmm...antara barangan yang akan dijual ialah:

1. Kad ucapan
2. Barangan Kraf
3. Aksesori kanak-kanak
4. Dress kanak-kanak
5. Seluar tido (kalo saya tidak tido sambil menjahit,...)

Namun yang pasti..semuanya HANDMADE dengan harga yang berpatutan.

Lihatlah mesin jahitku yang sedang menungguuu....

Crafty Handsssss.....

Bila tangan dah mula menjalar sambil memegang sebatang pensel...lalu pensel pun mula bergoyang mencari sehelai kertas sambil nari-nari melakar sesuatu... chewahhhhh
I still do not know what am I going to do with the sketching... a card or an ornament or keychain..still figuring it out.

Dress Lagi (4th)

Baju dress lagi...this time the pattern has been created by my mother (she is a professional sewer for ladies)...so after looking at my poor pattern, she decided to help on this one(anyhow she nag me alot of my untidy finishes in my 1st dress making) ...Nehow, this is Nadhira's 4th dress in a month. I will upload her 2nd and 3rd dress on my next post.
Happy si manja ini....

Hat Anyone??

Yeah...my crafty hand can't stop creating things...Actually, this is not my passion but since buying girlie things in the market is an expensive nowadays, therefore sewing is a solution when buying is an option (wallaaa).

For the hat, I am using something look a like velvet cloth and kain belacu for inside...juga cari paten topi di internet (paten by Debbie Colgrove)..coba-coba jahit, menjadi bah....seronok anakku....huhuhu

Jahitan dalam yg tidak kemas....tapi ADA AKU KESAH???...sebab bahagian dalam sja kan..tada sapa nmpk...

Nadhira 1st Dress

Wallaaa...after searching for free pattern on the internet, finally I've come across this one (Oliver + S) which has captured my eyes..the pattern is so simple (for dummy head like me..wakakaka)..
After cracked my head on cutting and assembling (took me 1++ hours), the daughter finally got her first dress ever; walaupun jahitan xkemas dan xsenonoh untuk difokus...huhuhu..

Neway, the dress is here for viewing...
She posed with her new look!! (It is hard to capture her still image since she wants to be set free)

Looking Cute...She is trying her level best to control her gestures....heheheeh

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The crafty hand just arrive....

It was a very long time that i do not feel as what i felt few weeks ago......a feeling that very alive and energetic to do crafty things...

It was all started by looking at my daughter and her wardrobe which fills with her brothers' clothes. Supposedly, being the daughter, she should have a dress, hairband, skirts, or at least a line of pink colours wearables....(yeah..poor little gal!)

Well looking at that, and of course with my few yards of cotton (which i bought from Delhi on my last trip)..I went on thinking of making her a dress...yupe...starting from there..my mind keep on thinking of new thing to sew..more n more...up till today, she already got 4 dresses and a pair of matching suit (with alladin pants...wallaa....)..all her attire of course come with matching headbands or hat..huhuhuhu...

And now her mommy is still thinking of something crafty to do..and will upload the pics in the blog...please be patient...